Bathroom Modification Tips

* A bathroom should be located near a bedroom.


  *Bathroom doors should be at least 32 inches wide and open out so that if a

person falls in the bathroom they do not block the door.

* Bathrooms with clear floor space, at least 5 feet  by 5 feet, can be easier for

persons in wheelchairs to use.

*Grab bars should be considered a safety feature to prevent falls. Reinforcements

in the walls around the tub, toilet, and shower allow grab bars to be installed. Grab

bars should be able to support 250 pounds. Towel bars are not usually safe to be

used as grab bars.

* Handles on faucets should have levers rather than  knobs for easier use.

* A shower or tub should have a seat, either built-in  or set-in, the tub/shower.

* Hose-type detachable, hand-held shower heads are  convenient for either a standing

or seated person  to use..

* Bathroom sinks and vanities that are open underneath allow seated persons to use them easily.

*Bathtub water controls and faucets are sometimes  easier to reach if they are located off center, near the entry side of the tub.

*The mirror and medicine cabinet can be hung low  enough to be used from a seated position.

* Nonslip surfaces and flooring in the bathroom helps prevent falls.

*Turning the water heater down to 120 degrees prevents burns.   


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